goArm – why not?

I’ve read an article on Facebook the other day. Robot arm playing chess, implemented with $500K industrial arm weight 50 kilo. Which sounds like an overkill a bit haha…

Next day we had an event with Moscow Go Federation who came up with a robot costume. And… It was attractive.

What if I make a robot arm to play on exhibitions? Sounds like an integration project for me, and not too expensive.

Aiming for attractiveness and easy operation it has to be:

  • Small – a few kilo
  • Accurate
  • Human like positioning and stone handling
  • Play game, show game (both colours), put problems on the board
  • Speak
  • Operated from smartphone

Broadly speaking, I have small to no knowledge in robotics, kinematics, pictures processing. It’s gonna be an interesting trip.



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