goArm – some structure

Alright, vision-based robot arm playing go.

As I said before I see the project as mostly integration, rather than R&D. None of the modules or tasks is innovative or even try to be. We have:

  1. Camera  – to discover new moves and also find stones of own colour to place them on the board.
  2. Arm – controlled by simple commands (move to XYZ, take a stone, drop a stone).
  3. GTP engine – someone has to be smart and decide where to put a stone. Many of GTP engines are open, many are cross-platform which could make my development easier (because I develop for raspberry pi on windows and Linux). No specific license issues as I have no intention of changing them or redistributing.
  4. Script – An algorithm to show a game/play/show problem etc. I anticipate naive implementation.
  5. Integration point – wiring to be developed. Both OpenMV and uArm have nice python libraries, so it couldn’t be difficult. Anyone could download source code from GitHub.

There could also be some kind of control interface and web GUI to represent what is on the board.

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