arm selection


So it started and one decided to make it. Robot arm which will literally play go.

From words to action I’ve reviewed a few arms on the market and narrowed my selection to dobot m1, uArm pro and 7bot. All from China. All are accurate and have reasonable programmatic interfaces. But!

Dobot m1

Dobot could be a good choice, because of customisable end-effectors, but OpenCV camera for dobot costs like Ferrari ($600). Their sales team and local distributor failed to tell me the price after 1.5 weeks of emails coming back and forth.


The range is small (340mm from the axis), none in stock. No vision unit developed.

uArm Swift Pro

Happened to be the selection. Pro model comes with the OpenMV camera and also has nice camera-to-arm communication interface out of the box.

The picture was found much later than selection, so I wasn’t biased! The arm of the photo is clearly blind 🙂

uArm was ordered somewhere in spring and delivered to my door early August.